Pneumatic Systems Information


 You can save a lot of costly steps with an Accent pneumatic system. The amount of time and floor space you cover to move information and materials can add up to lost profit. Accent pneumatics cuts down time and distance with the most reliable point-to-point system you’ll find anywhere. Plus Accent eliminates the risk of hand carrying valuable items in non-secured areas. Jobs that would take a few minutes can be handled in seconds with the speedy efficiency of a Accent Pneumatic Conveying System.



Accent Pneumatics offers a product line that is one of the most compact systems in the pneumatic tube industry. We offer two station models to suit most needs, coupled with blowers, that may be set up in remote areas to keep noise to a minimum. Our components are interchangeable, keeping costs down and allowing greater flexibility in designing a personalized system. We can help you design a system as small as 3” or as large as 6” in diameter using carriers with up to a 15” inside length.


The durable powder-coat finish blends in with any décor, while solid-state circuitry assures you of dependability. All electrical components are modular, allowing easy maintenance. All of Accent Pneumatic Systems are point-to-point. This means that a carrier travels between two points in either direction through a single pipe made of PVC or steel. The carrier travels approximately 25 feet per second.


Using an Accent Pneumatic System is a snap. When you are ready to send a sample, money, or message, just follow these easy steps:

1.       Load the carrier, making sure the cover is on securely.

2.      Open the door and set the carrier on the foam pad.

3.      Close the door and push the send button. Your content is on the way.


For any questions about our Pneumatic Systems or any of our other products or services, please give us a call at 800-880-8190. Thanks!